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Tars provides safety and environmental regulators to the measure. 

We support projects concerning enforcement and implementation of environmental protection and operational safety. For example; with shut-downs of industrial installations. The network of the Safety & Enviroment professionals consists of self-employed persons, collectively represents on behalf of Tars in the Netherlands.

We can provide appropriate a complete team of safety supervisors to assist your (inter) national project. Tars is willing to accompany your projects in the Netherlands, Europe or beyond. Tars delivers a qualitative contribution to the implementation of professionalism by the HSE policy of your organization. The human aspect in security.

Experience with HSE 'fieldwork' is Tars biggest feature. In particular industrial regions belong to our field of activity, every hour, every day. 

  • At shutdowns of petrochemical plants; 
  • Maritime cargo handling at sea and quay (Ex, Ox, Tox); 
  • Monitoring when entering confined product and process areas; 
  • Quality, Safety and Enviroment consultant ISO 9001 and 14001;
  • Soil  & CROW 132 projects; 
  • Demolition, renovation or construction; 

And other high risk industries.

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We are working on a culture of safety-awareness.