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Fire Preventon; 

In addition to experience Tars employees are also the eyes and ears that accompany the project. The interaction increases the "consciousness" at project staff. By adequate and optimal handeling of Tars provides the maximal operational safety that can be achieved. 

Confined spaces;

Enforcement and supervision of work in technical, product or process compartment spaces is a very responsible task. Only the combination of knowledge, skills and experience make this dedicated and appropriate supervisors. They can also be also related features and tasks, such as hot work- watch man, analytical gas (Ex,Ox, Tox) and if first aid provider. 

Soil works;

Raw conversion ratio in polluting soils requires supervisors on the basis of the Dutch environmental management act. The DLP-there shall supervise the enforcement of environmental legislation. The start and progress of each project day log mentions. Conform CROW 132 legislation. 

QHSE manager

Thorough knowledge of legal regulations of the new changes in the field of ISO standards. Insight, organizing, structuring and business process improvements, workplace inspection, waste streams, interviews, training, complain registration and customer satisfaction surveys. Both in and external peers

Maritime cargo handling at sea and Quay;

Often there are gases/agents added to the contents of freight containers for conservation purposes, however harmful by inhalation/additive effect. Gas measurements (Ex, Ox and Tox) and analysis can be used in securing the Visual inspections of controls and transhipment. 

Related features;

Next to the above core activities there are also possibilities for support functions such as; vehicles guidance from and to Lay-down area, supervision on assigned areas or installations, safety engineer permits assistance desk.  

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