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Our goal is to continue a culture of "consciousness" and professionalism. That we can achieve with interaction and teamwork.

The combination of collaboration with colleagues during stops is in the years still further strengthened. Now we work together as one team in which erveryone van work on his own profession and skills. Our philosophy is that knowledge and skills must not be lost for those who want to contineu to develop his career in the HSE sector. 

In particular as the protection of humans and environment our task is.

The network of HSE professionals is jointly represents on behalf of Tars. 

Our group of specialists work as a team because the "work" is dynamic. Tars professionals are independent, flew-worker or candidates with years of work experience in this responsible services.

Tars informs and coordinates team members about to and from work. Projects are collectively and allots consults in our team. Examples could be; 

  • Sign up for future stops and projects in the Netherlands;
  • Possible deployment to European or international projects; 
  • Ad Hoc belongs to the possibilities.

In combination with education, training and work experience in different sectors of the industry, our team members belong to the top 3 of Netherlands. .


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