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Several large projects that have contribute to the working experinance of our teammembers.

  • Delta, operational supervision constrution tow presure gasdistrubution at Hulst
  • Quality Gas BV, removement asbestos G&W network at Middelburg
  • AVR, Construction Enterprice Asset Management systeem at Rozenburg
  • Rasenberg; drilling in contaminated soil/ research at Venlo
  • Akoz Nobel; construction of firefighting support in contaminated soil, Botlek
  • Verbakel Metalen; safewatch tramline repairs Rotterdam
  • Quality Gas & Delta Milieu; maintenance gasgrid Zeeland
  • Shell; tar Crude Destilistation Unit 6, Pernis
  • Akzo Nobel; chlorine residue, Botlek
  • Shell; construction and completion of CCR14, Pernis
  • Department of public works; maintenance Measlant and Hartel barrier
  • Eon; brown coal factory, Maasvlakten 
  • Sugar Union; heat back link air ducts, Moerdijk
  • Aluchemie; repairs of injected beds, Botlek
  • Air Liquide; tar, Botlek
  • Dow Chem; tar Terneuzen
  • Britisch Petrol; tar, Europoort
  • Dockyard Keppel; well recovery vessels Humming birds 1 & 2, Rozenburg 


Welcome          Services          About Us          Contact